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BARD1 Life Sciences - Proof-of-Concept for SubB2M ELISA-Based Ovarian Cancer Test

-- POC achieved in feasibility studies demonstrating that a SubB2M/CA125 ELISA can detect the CA125 biomarker for ovarian cancer in patient samples
-- SubB2M/CA125 ELISA-based test detects CA125-Neu5Gc, making it highly specific for CA125 from ovarian cancer
-- Achievement of this key POC milestone supports and de-risks advancing the development of SubB2M ELISA tests for ovarian, breast, prostate and other cancers

Melbourne, Australia, 17 August 2021: BARD1 Life Sciences Limited (ASX:BD1) (BARD1 or the Company) is pleased to announce that proof-of-concept (POC) has been achieved for its SubB2M/CA125 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)-based test for ovarian cancer. BARD1’s collaborator, the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University (Griffith), has demonstrated that an initial SubB2M/CA125 assay can detect CA125-Neu5Gc in serum from stages I-IV ovarian cancer (OC) patients compared to healthy controls at biologically relevant levels.

Previous research by the Griffith research team led by Professor Mike Jennings showed that a SubB2M surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based assay that measures binding of SubB2M to the cancer biomarker Neu5Gc, could detect elevated Neu5Gc at all-stages of OC with 100% sensitivity and specificity compared to healthy controls. BARD1 initiated a development program in December 2020 to transfer the cancer biomarker SPR-assay to cancer-specific ELISA-based tests that combined tissue-specific cancer biomarkers such CA125 for OC, CA15-3 for breast cancer and PSA for prostate cancer. ELISA is a common and low-cost assay format that can be performed in commercial laboratories worldwide, including on high throughput laboratory instrumentation. Development of a SubB2M/CA125 ELISA-based test has the potential to create an accurate, reliable, and affordable test for monitoring and early detection of OC.

For more information, download the attached PDF.

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