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AusCann Announces Targeting Production of Australian Pharmaceuticals in 2019


• Completed second harvest at Chilean joint venture DayaCann

• Appointed a Master Grower for oversight of Australian medical cannabis operation in Tasmania

• Entered a research agreement with Jade Cannabis to develop and optimise AusCann’s cannabis cultivation system

• Increased R&D and staffing in order to establish commercial operations in Australia with aim of releasing a first product next year

• Continued the development of a stable, cost-effective, consistent dosage cannabinoid pharmaceutical

Tuesday, 31 July 2018 – Leading medical cannabis company AusCann Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AC8) (AusCann or ‘the Company’) has today released its Appendix 4C and is pleased to provide an overview of its activities for the three months ended June 30 2018.

For further information please download PDF attached:
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