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AusTin Mining announces Owner Mining Commences at Granville

The Directors of Aus Tin Mining Limited (the Company) are pleased to provide the following update in respect of the Granville Tin Project.

Following the appointed of liquidators on 4th March 2019 to the incumbent mining contractors Jemrok Pty  Ltd  (Jemrok),  the  Company  has  terminated  the  contract  with  Jemrok  and  is  progressing  the  necessary arrangements to commence owner mining at the Granville East Mine. The decision to adopt owner mining as opposed to appointing another contractor was based on minimising disruption to the project  by  utilising  the  existing  equipment  at  site  and  employment  of  ex-Jemrok  employees.   The  Company considers owner mining will deliver greater control and improvement in mine productivity following  a  decline  in  productivity  in  early  2019.   Under  the  owner  mining  model,  waste  mining  operations have resumed following a period of lost production attributable to the collapse of Jemrok, and ore mining is expected to resume in the coming fortnight.    

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