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Arovella Therapeutics licenses novel CAR-iNKT cell armouring technology

-- Arovella has entered into a global, exclusive license with University of North CarolinaLineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center to incorporate a novel armouring cytokinetechnology (IL-12-TM) for its CAR-iNKT cell platform
-- Arovella is the only company globally developing IL-12-TM armoured CAR-iNKT cells
-- This armouring cytokine technology:
---- results in a ten-fold increase in circulating CAR-iNKT cell numbers in animal models forsolid tumours
---- significantly improved CAR-iNKT anti-tumour activity
---- significantly improved overall survival in animal models
---- enhances CAR-iNKT cells to potentially treat a range of solid tumour types
-- Patent applications filed to protect the technology until at least 2043
-- Investor webinar is scheduled for 11 am AEDT on Wednesday, 31st January. 

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 30 January 2024: Arovella Therapeutics Ltd (ASX: ALA) has signed a global, exclusive License Agreement with the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (UNC Lineberger) to incorporate UNC Lineberger’s novel IL-12-TM (cytokine technology) into Arovella’s CAR-iNKT cell therapy platform. The technology was developed by Professor Gianpietro Dotti, a pioneer of CAR-iNKT cells, and was recently published in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications.

Arovella’s CEO and MD, Dr Michael Baker, commented: “We are incredibly excited to license the IL-12-TM technology from Professor Dotti’s laboratory for use with our CAR-iNKT cell platform. The data supporting solid tumours is compelling and will see Arovella enhance its solid tumour pipelines and effectiveness.”

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