Argosy Minerals Limited is an Australian Stock Exchange listed company (ASX: AGY) engaged in exploration for base metals.
Formerly a Canadian company, 2011 has seen Argosy shift its domicile to Australia in order to be better placed to pursue and acquire projects.
Argosy has recently acquired an exploration licence for an iron ore prospect in Sierra Leone, details can be found in our projects section.
Argosy has also obtained exploration licences for 3 chromite prospects in Sierra Leone.

Argosy’s principal objective is to build shareholder value through the acquisition of base metal assets, which have the potential for future development. With this in mind, the Company is constantly looking for and evaluating mineral resource opportunities.
Company funds are applied in an efficient manner, and Argosy seeks to rapidly identify and secure, on a low cost basis, exploration prospects in Africa.
Argosy will adopt high standards of environmental management and ethics and maintains a culture of ownership, care, professional excellence and respect from employees.

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