Antares Income Fund
The Antares Income Fund is an income generating investment opportunity that provides returns by active management of a broad range of domestic and global fixed income assets.

Antares Fixed Income (Antares) is a specialist fixed interest manager covering a range of domestic and international securities.
Antares has managed fixed interest and cash portfolios for investors since 1990 and currently has over A$18.4 billion^ in funds under management across a range of cash management, fixed income and liability driven investments.
Antares is focused on delivering performance objectives for our clients within a carefully managed and defined risk framework.

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Sep 2017 09:05 AM
Fixed income in a rising rate ..
29 Sep 2017 - Recorded 18 Sep, 2017: Antares Fixed Income manager Tano Pelosi explains what could happen to fixed income if interest rates rise, as the US fed signals the unwinding of its quantitative easing program.

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