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Altech Chemicals - Collaboration Agreement with leading Silicon Co

Altech Chemicals Limited (Altech/the Company) (ASX: ATC) (FRA: A3Y) is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a collaboration agreement with a leading silicon producer to collaborate in developing a high capacity, long cycle life silicon anode active material targeted for use in lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

The silicon company ) is a leading producer of silicon metal with a proven ability to create new solutions and applications using state of-the-art technology to drive innovation. It has technologies to produce high purity grade silicon with the flexibility to offer customised solutions to meet the increasing demands being placed on silicon from new applications such as the Li-ion battery; and is specifically developing tailor made silicon powders for the anode of Li-ion batteries. Alumina coating of silicon particles have the potential to solve the three major issues for silicon application in the Li-ion battery: expansion induce fragmentation, poor cyclability; and low initial Coulombic Efficiency (CE). A combination of the competencies and technologies of both companies offers tremendous potential and a potentially compelling solution for the industry.

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