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Altech Batteries - Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report

Funds Received for Sale of 25% of Altech Industries Germany
-- Final instalment received of €1,583,333 of Deferred Consideration from Altech Advanced Materials AG (AAM), in relation to the sale of 25% of Altech's subsidiary Altech Industries Germany GmbH (AIG)

Outstanding DFS Silumina Anodes Battery Materials Project
-- Highly positive Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) - 8,000tpa Silumina Anodes project
-- 8,000 tpa alumina-coated metallurgical silicon only
-- Customers to blend coated silicon (10%) with their uncoated graphite source
-- Means expansion from 15 gigawatt-hours (GWh) to 120 gigawatt-hours (GWh)
-- Increase of battery energy density by at least 30%
-- Capital cost estimated at €112 million with outstanding economics
-- Pre-tax Net Present Value (NPV ) of €684 million 10
-- Attractive Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 34%
-- Payback period is 2.4 years
-- Forecast 18% CAGR growth of silicon in battery anodes till 2035
-- Green accredited project using renewable energy
-- Pilot plant construction in final stages for product qualification
-- NDAs executed with two German automakers, two US automakers, one US battery materials supply company and one European battery maker

Silumina Anodes Project DFS Expands Output 8-Fold to 120GWH
-- Expanded the Silumina Project DFS output by eightfold
-- 15 gigawatt-hours (GWh) to 120 GWh
-- To produce 8,000 tpa alumina-coated metallurgical silicon only
-- No change to plant and equipment used
-- Customers to blend coated silicon (10%) with their uncoated graphite source
-- Increase of battery energy density by at least 30%
-- Potential reduction of graphite usage for potential customers
-- China graphite export restrictions causing concerns
-- Increased output meets long-term silicon anode demands

CERENERGY® Battery Project Upgraded to 120MWh
-- Annual output will now reach 120 1MWh GridPacks per annum
-- GridPack stacking allows triple stacking with a simple electrical connection
-- Small footprint conserving valuable land area
-- Minimal maintenance required for GridPacks

Optimised Design of CERENERGY® Battery Packs Completed for DFS
-- Optimised design of 60 KWh battery pack completed
-- Sleek stainless-steel exterior – maintains finish in all weather conditions
-- Battery base incorporates high-temperature-resistant electrical cables
-- Upgraded design to cell connector plates using mica insulation
-- Two working prototype 60 KWh batteries in full production
-- First stainless-steel battery case delivered – undergoing heat loss testing

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