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Adslot Limited, Half-Year Results Presentation

1H FY16 - Highlights
-  Trading Technology revenues for the Half Year to Dec '15 increased by 39% HoH and 65% PCP
Trading Technology revenues for the half year to Dec '15 were $2.001m, exceeding guidance of $1.9m
-  Growth driven by increase in both Licence Fees and Trading Fees:
Licence Fee revenues for the half year to Dec '15 grew by 35% HoH and 66% PCP 
Trading Fee revenues for the half year to Dec '15 grew by 47% HoH and 63% PCP
-  The annualised value of media spend executed via Symphony continues to grow:
34% HoH from AUD$2.20b to AUD$2.95b
85% PCP from AUD$1.59b to AUD$2.95b
-  Significant progress with major agency clients for more expansive adoption of the Symphony-Adslot integration throughout 2H FY16
-  Operating costs (excluding D&A and SBP) for the 6 months to Dec 31 remain flat: 
HoH an increase of 2% to $5.3m
PCP an increase of 12%
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