Acrux is a dynamic Australian drug delivery business developing and commercialising a range of patient-preferred pharmaceutical products for global markets, using innovative, patented technology to administer drugs through the skin.

Fast drying, non-occlusive topical sprays or liquids provide an enhanced transdermal delivery platform with low or no skin irritation, superior cosmetic acceptability, and simple, accurate and flexible dosing. Acrux's product pipeline includes treatment of hormonal deficiencies, central nervous system disorders, contraception and dermatological conditions. Two products have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for marketing in the USA.

Acrux has further products in late stage development, follows a lower risk development path and is well funded. The six fundamentals of the business are:

  1. Faster, lower risk, lower cost development because products contain proven drugs
  2. Products designed to have strong competitive advantage ("patient-preferred and patent protected")
  3. Two products successfully through FDA approval
  4. Further products in clinical development for a range of therapeutic areas
  5. Track record of commercial deals
  6. Strong cash reserves

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