ASF Group Limited (‘ASF’) is a Sydney based investment company listed on the ASX (code; AFA) with offices also in Hong Kong and Beijing.
ASF’s unique and successful business model focuses on the two-way capital and business flows between Australia and China across several sectors, including Resources, Property, Travel, Commodities, Infrastructure and Financial Services. The Company’s has a number of well-established and important relationships in China among both emerging and major corporations.
In the Resources sector, ASF identifies investment opportunities for its’ initial investment and subsequent co-investment with its “partners” from China. Currently, ASF has co-investors from China in its W.A coal tenements and in two mineral exploration ventures for base metals and gold in Tasmania. ASF also ships niche bulk commodities from Australia to markets in China.
ASF has established co-operation agreements with major state entities from China engaged in the development of port and rail facilities and has plans to participate in infrastructure development in Australia. In the Property sector, ASF provides services to Chinese investors in Australia.
More recently, the Company acquired ASF Balmoral, which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and which represents select offshore fund managers, notably the Hong Kong based Marco Polo Pure China Fund, in the Australian institutional and other wholesale investor markets. ASF Balmoral also advises and assists suitable businesses based in China to assess the prospect of listing in Australia.

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