AED Oil Limited (AED) is a publicly listed oil and gas, exploration and development company. 

AED and its related bodies corporate have assets in Australia, Brunei and Indonesia, with offices in Melbourne (Head Office), Brunei Darussalam and Jakarta.
AED floated on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in May 2005 and the Company was established for the purpose of acquiring, developing and commercialising specified oil fields and undertaking oil exploration. 
Since this time it has produced over 2 million barrels of premium oil from its Puffin field, has acquired contract areas Brunei Block L, Rombebai and South Madura and has gained valuable partnerships with world leading companies in the oil and gas sector. 
AED will continue to grow through the explorations of its exciting fields and by diversifying within the Asia Pacific region. Leveraging on our experience from the Puffin field development, we aim to fully utilise the strengths of our skilled professionals to grow into one of Australia’s leading oil and gas companies.

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