The Subzero Group is an extension of the original company, Subzero Services Pty Ltd, founded  in May 1999, in Muswellbrook which is situated in the Upper Hunter Valley, northern New South Wales, Australia.   With  ten years of business experience, Subzero Group has evolved today into a comprehensive offering of specialized services.  Although acquisitions have been a part of the Group’s philosophy, organic growth has been the major contributor and company’s focus.  This growth has lead to the Subzero group of companies being recognised by many of its peers as an industry leader.  Now located in two states and employing in excess of three hundred and fifty persons.
Our ability to grow consistently over the entirety of our operational lifetime, demonstrates an increased reputation within our field, and a record of providing our clients with a level of services that is constantly improving,  which allows clients to re-use and recommend our services when future needs arise.  Our expertise, human resources, structure, flexibility and range of services, supported by our commitment to continuous improvement, will continue to ensure that we meet, and exceed, our clients’ expectations, and closely support their commercial objectives.
The group has always employed the best of the best, it has always sought and attracted the best people in their respective fields.  Our comprehensive selection process, formal training and development procedures have allowed us to ensure that the Subzero workforce is constantly able to meet industry best practice standards and to develop proactive, industry leading work methods in the course of providing our services.  Our manning levels have reached in excess of 550 skilled men and women, who together provide the organizational culture that drives our performance.   Despite our rapid growth, we have worked hard to ensure that we retained the values that have led to that growth, these include a commitment to excellence in quality, a commitment to safety and a commitment to the empowerment of our team to ensure that every opportunity for continuous improvement occurs.

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