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Jeffrey Liu

by Jeffrey Liu

Jeffrey Liu 刘梦麒, Justice of the Peace, founder and CEO of Hippo Wealth, specialises in wealth protection and risk management, with more than 10 years’ experience in wealth management.

After graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce, and Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning from Kaplan, he served in the Wealth Arm for Westpac and ANZ for about 7 years. While in Westpac, Jeffrey acted as the national quality advice coach for more than 300 financial advisers across Australia.

Since 2017, Jeffrey has become the General Manager of a start-up wealth firm licensed under Bennelong Wealth Partner. Within 3 years, Jeffrey has helped hundreds of individuals and households establish risk management system via insurance, super and investment, with more than AU$200 Million wealth being protected. Meanwhile, Jeffrey has become column writer for several major media corporations such as Allfin.com, the Australian, SBS, Today Sydney and Australian Financial News.

  • JP太平绅士,河马财富Hippo Wealth创始人兼CEO,资深双语理财师,擅长财富保障和风险管理,在金融领域从业超过10年,拥有悉尼大学商科学士学位和澳洲高级理财师认证,已帮助数百个澳洲家庭建立财富护城河并提供保险援助服务,通过家庭保险理财,落实保障总额超过2亿澳币。
  • 曾任职于澳洲四大银行Westpac和ANZ财富部,并在Westpac担任过理财培训师,负责全澳超过300名理财师的战略建议审核和培训工作。
  • 《SBS》特邀理财评论员,《The Australian》理财专栏约稿作者, 澳财网《理财麒谈》撰稿人和主持人, 《澳洲法律评论》理财专栏作者,《AFN澳洲财经见闻》理财专栏作者和特邀讲师,自媒体《梦想麒谈》出品人。
  • 中央电视台CCTV《华人世界》特邀访谈嘉宾
  • Channel 7 澳洲达人秀半决赛获奖者



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