The Chart Buff 19/07/10

by Gary Glover

Dow Jones

 The Dow Jones Industrials is in an unusual position, in a downward sloping trading range.  There was a marginal new low recently (false break) so this is a short term bullish signal but we still have a series of three lower high’s which is quite bearish overall.  Looking at the previous rally in the range we can see a rally of 10 days followed by a pullback 10 days to a slight new low.  So the most recent rally of 7 days will be measured on how the next seven days goes, whether it can hold the low within the same time.   
View:  Overall we maintain a neutral position.  There a few things to like about what is going on but the series of lower high’s is the greatest concern.  We expect the market to be range bound short term.

S&P ASX 200

Not much has changed to our previous forecast.  We maintain a neutral view and believe a trading range between 4080 and 4800 is likely for an extended period of time.  
View:   A 12-18 month trading range is possible.  We should get used to an increase in volatility and learn to write covered calls.

BHP Billiton Ltd

The current pattern of trend is a concern.  This could be described as a pennant/flag pattern.  Some of these patterns succeed while others obviously fail.  The key generally speaking is to wait for a bearish break as these patterns can be time consuming in nature.  If it manages to hold on for a long period and not break the pattern then this can turn into a basing type of pattern and a slow advance can occur similar to 2008/09.  If we get a bearish break on the other hand then a fast move lower is possible.  In this case we get a target as low as $31.00.  It does appear a little implausible but in the current environment (global uncertainty, resource tax and election) the possibility can't be dismissed.
View:  The current pattern of trend tells us to keep on our toes here as a break below $36.00 would be extremely bearish.

David Jones Ltd

There’s a lot, not to like about this stock currently.  The recent pattern is a flag/pennant formation which is a bearish consolidation pattern.  You can see the rally for the last 8 weeks has been mild in nature and also it has risen on declining volume.  The rally has just tagged the previous swing low in January and this is typically where a weak trend would normally rally to and fail from as this is key resistance point.
View:  There are three good reasons to short this stock in their own right.  A combination of all these combined could be a lethal combination and this would be described as a strong sell.  $3.50 - $4.00 is the target range. 

Nufarm Ltd

This stock has had a massive fall from grace and people are wondering where the low might be or what price region we might see some support.  I would not advocate trying to find a buying point but rather wait for a bullish reversal before entering in.  A couple of price points to monitor for include the 3.13 and 2.84 regions.
Using the simple but widely universal A = C correction measure gives us A = 17.71-6.99 = 10.73.  Projecting the same price from the B wave gives us a target of $3.11 (13.84-10.73).  Also the first leg down can mark the midpoint so using the first drive down to 8.34 for the C wave gives us a projected target of $2.84.  
View:   Extreme caution required here.  I would not be trying to pick a low here and I would be against taking a longer term view.  Not meeting financial covenants of its financiers is a massive warning bell.


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