Taking an option over rising crude with WPL

by Raymond Chan

OPEC and Oil Price

A failed agreement within OPEC members to boost production has given boost to oil price, pushing it above $100/bbl.

Signs of long-simmering divisions are seen between key cartel players Saudi Arabia and Iran, causing one of the most turbulent OPEC meeting in years (Wall Street Journal)

Disagreement seems to be with a group led by Saudi Arabia pushing hard for an increase of oil production of 1.5 million barrels per day arguing that oil demand will pick up in the second half of 2011 due to global economic recovery. This argument was blocked by 6 OPEC members, including Iran, arguing that demand for oil will remain soft due to wekaness in the US economy.

It's interesting to see the dissenting view in not just how much oil to produce but also the differences in views of the global economic recovery.

This tension, though may not push oil price to new high, but at least gives support to current levels.

Play via WPL

1 Since the high of 31 May to 9 June, WPL  has lost some $3 or 6.4%, from $46.71 to $43.71

2 Current level of $43.71 is an attractive entry level

3 56c dividend coming up in mid Aug

4 Feedback of recent progress on Browse project is gaining momentum with some potential positive catalyst (like positive drilling results, third party gas deal) 

5 free ride on potential takeover (no new rumour currently)

Options Strategy

Bull put spread by

Selling Jul $4317 put and buy Jul $4218 put for net credit of around 36c per contract

Risk: Maximum downside $0.99 gross or net of incomee $0.63

Possible outcomes:

1 earning net income of 36c if WPL expires above $43.17

2 buy shares at $42.81if WPL expires below $43.17 and be entitled to 56c dividend going ex in Aug


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