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Damage at ATC Ferrotungsten Plant is minor - installation can resume

- On the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd March 2011, a ceiling fire occurred at the ATC Ferrotungsten Project located in Vinh Bao, Vietnam. One construction worker received minor injuries during the incident.
- The fire caused damage to ceiling insulation material and metal roofing panels. The construction company has provided an initial estimated repair time of three to four days.
- The fire is believed to have been caused by a welding spark. The costs of repair will be borne by the construction company and their insurers.
- The damage is expected to cause only minimal delays to the final mechanical and electrical installation. Hydraulic systems are presently undergoing installation and their mechanical commissioning is imminent.
- A minor injury has subsequently been reported. A worker was splashed with firefighting foam. He was treated at hospital and released after treatment for a minor reaction to the foam. He is expected to recover fully.
- The Company would like to publicly record our gratitude to the professionalism of our Joint Venture Partner, George Chen and the ATC team. The team is highly experienced, well trained and responded promptly to the emergency and contained the fire without needing the assistance of local fire authorities. Special recognition is given to the decisive leadership of Messrs Wei and Xu from the engineering team during the incident.
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