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EcoQuest, Foundation Agreement Signed By Cynata Incorporated

The Board of Eco Quest advises that its associate company, Cynata Inc, has signed a Foundation License Agreement (FLA) to commercialise stem cell platform technology developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Cynata has been working closely with UW – Madison to develop the stem cell platform technology and this working relationship is now formalised in the FLA.

The FLA provides Cynata with exclusive global rights to exploit the technology for therapeutic products. This technology has been developed by Cynata director and major shareholder, Prof Igor Slukvin MD, PhD, in his research role at UW – Madison.

The attached announcement explains the license agreement between Cynata and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), the licensing and patenting arm of UW- Madison, one of the world’s most successful campus based technology transfer organisations. WARF have put in place a family of patents that protect the technology covered by the FLA.

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