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BrainChip Holdings - Partnership with Magik Eye Inc

BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN), a leading provider of ultra-low power high performance AI technology, today announced that it has partnered with Magik Eye Inc., developers of revolutionary 3D sensors that change how machines see the world, to market a breakthrough solution for object detection, object classification and gesture recognition based on MagikEye’s Invertible Light™ 3D depth sensing technology and the AkidaTM neuromorphic processor. This relationship opens a new and exciting gateway for BrainChip in Japan. MagikEye’s Invertible Light provides the smallest, fastest and most power-efficient 3D depth sensing. This is done using a standard CMOS image sensor and a regular dot projector along with a proprietary and patented technique to produce 3D point cloud data. Coupled with the Akida neuromorphic processor, the companies intend to jointly provide a total 3D vision solution to customers for fast 3D object detection and recognition in applications, including robotics, automotive and emerging consumer products, such as AR/VR and others. The MagikEye technology addresses the need for devices to see clearly and understand the surrounding environment, which is critical for new classes of 3D vision applications. The BrainChip Akida neuromorphic processor efficiently utilizes AI to gather new insights from the 3D data.

“The combination of advanced neuromorphic processing with a low power 3D sensor is the perfect solution for many products in end point devices,” said Richard Wawrzyniak, Principal Analyst for ASIC & SoC at Semico Research Corp.” 3D imaging is attracting great interest in the market today and the BrainChip architecture, which delivers a power-efficient, scalable solution that enables increased functionality with minimal impact on system cost and the power budget, is the right fit for this class of applications. It is not surprising their solution would be paired with the MagikEye’s Invertible Light Technology for real-time object detection in all types of applications, where low power and high throughput are valued elements for success. Semico believes this technology partnership is a winning combination for the market,” said Wawrzyniak.

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