ASX CEO Sessions

The CEO Sessions

An opportunity for investors and advisers to hear directly from listed company CEOs on company strategy, prospects, and performance.

ASX and FNN are proud to present a program of forums for investors. Hear CEOs and senior representatives of listed companies present their investment story.
Join them afterwards for an informal meet and greet session, with lunch provided.

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11 April 2017

Brent Emmett
Horizon Oil Limited (ASX:HZN)
Brent Emmett, Managing Director & CEO

Horizon Oil is a public company limited by shares and is listed on the ASX. It is incorporated and domiciled in Australia. The company’s exploration, development and production activities are focused in Southeast Asia. The strong, long-lived cashflows from the Company’s interests in the Maari/Manaia fields, offshore New Zealand and Block 22/12, offshore China, will be applied to fund the Company’s future capital program. That program is directed to bring into production the Company’s substantial inventory of discovered reserves and contingent resources (~100 million barrels of oil equivalent) in fields in New Zealand, China and Papua New Guinea.
Sean Bennett
Kore Potash Limited (ASX:K2P)
Sean Bennett, CEO

Kore Potash Limited “Kore” (ASX: K2P) (previously known as Elemental Minerals Limited) is an advanced stage mineral exploration and development company whose primary asset is the 97%-owned Sintoukola Potash Permit on the coast in the Republic of Congo. Kore has three projects at varying development stages within this permit.
Paul Brennan
PolyNovo Limited (ASX:PNV)
Paul Brennan, CEO

PolyNovo is the developer of unique, patented, biodegradable polymers for use in medical devices. Our vision is to provide unique and innovative regenerative products for burns, surgical wounds, hernia repair, trauma, orthopaedics and reconstructive surgery. PolyNovo’s current focus is on the development and commercialisation of innovative medical devices using its NovoSorb™ technology in the treatment of burns, surgical wounds and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.
Jarrod Ritchie
TPI Enterprises Limited (ASX:TPE)
Jarrod Ritchie, Managing Director and CEO

TPI is one of three licensed poppy processors in Australia, and the only Australian-owned company. It is one of eight processors worldwide producing Narcotic Raw Material (NRM) for the international pharmaceutical industry. The Company’s expansion within Australia and Europe includes the introductions of new growing areas to ensure long term sustainability for the supply of raw materials to meet our customer’s requirements.

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