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Rutila Resources Ltd, Completion of Native Title Agreement for Balla Balla VTI Magnetite Project and Export Facility

The Board of Rutila Resources Ltd (“Rutila”, ASX:RTA) is pleased to announce, together with our Joint Venture partner Todd Minerals Ltd, a subsidiary of Todd Corporation (“Todd”), that agreement has been reached with the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (“NAC”) on the terms of the Native Title Agreement (“NTA”) for the Balla Balla VTi Magnetite Project and Export Facility (“Balla Balla Project Area”).
The Ngarluma People have been recognised under the Determination by the Federal Court as native title holders to lands and waters within Ngarluma Country, including lands and waters within the Balla Balla Project Area. The NAC is the prescribed body corporate under the Native Title Act which represents and manages the native title rights and interests of the Ngarluma People. The NTA was approved at a community meeting of the Ngarluma people in Roebourne.
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