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Phylogica Announces FPP Effective in Delivering Peptide Cancer Vaccine

Immunotherapy – animal model results show FPP effective in delivering peptide cancer vaccine – patent filing

• Phylogica’s Functional Penetrating Peptide (FPP) conjugated to a tumour antigen has extended average survival of mice with melanoma by ~100%

• The result provides both:
- further evidence of in vivo efficacy for the company’s core FPP delivery technology; and
- an additional development program for Phylogica in the area of immunotherapy

• An Australian patent (AU2018900032) for vaccine conjugates inducing an immune response has been jointly filed by Phylogica and Telethon Kids Institute . The filing of this work provides a priority date.

• These results form the basis of a 2018 program that will evaluate the vaccine conjugates including both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccination experiments.

PERTH, Australia, 8 January 2018: Phylogica Limited (ASX:PYC) (Phylogica or the Company), developer of a leading intracellular drug development and delivery platform technology, is pleased to provide the first results from mouse melanoma models evaluating the ability of the company’s FPP delivery technology to effectively stimulate the immune system to attack and eliminate tumour cells and supporting patent information.

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