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Linius Technologies, Shares Analyst's Research Report

Pioneering the Internet Video Virtualization Market

Linius Technologies Ltd. (ASX:LNU) (“Linius” or “the Company”) is a B2B software company based in Melbourne, Australia. The Company has invented, developed and patented the Video Virtualization EngineTM (VVE) technology. VVE is a software product, which transforms video into flexible data. VVE offers unprecedented business opportunities across the internet video industry. VVE is now accessible on leading cloud platform providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud. Linius has obtained patents for its core VVE in the US, European Union, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Mainland China and Hong Kong. VVE has the potential to generate revenues from many multi-billion-dollar market segments. The Company is currently focused on four markets at the moment, namely Anti-piracy, Search, Security & Defense, and Personalised Advertising. Additionally, Linius recently launched a SaaS self-serve product to allow select developers access to build new products and businesses on top of Linius’ VVE through a variety of API’s, thus, adding potential revenue streams. The Company is developing the world’s first video blockchain technology, geared to revolutionize the internet video market, by integrating with market leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon and IBM.

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