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Electrical Milestone ATC Ferrotungsten Project Final Installation

- Hazelwood is pleased to advise that an important installation and commissioning milestone has been achieved at its majority owned ATC Ferrotungsten Project in Vietnam. This is the largest ferrotungsten facility outside of China and the design is believed to be the most technologically advanced in the world.
- Authorisation for high voltage connection to the EVN transmission grid has been issued. High voltage transmission lines are located immediately adjacent the plant site. ATC can now make connection with the main furnace transformer and plant low voltage transformer systems.
- The furnace body is in position on its tilting base.
- Commissioning of hydraulic systems is proceeding.
- The furnace stack has been erected and installation of the baghouse dust collection system and heat exchanger is underway. Emission control is a focus of this operation.
- Power distribution control systems are in position within the furnace control building.
- Roof repairs following the recent minor fire are complete. Disruptions to the installation schedule have been minor.
- A team of 30 experienced Chinese installation engineers are working through final installation and mechanical and electrical commissioning for targeted first production by June 2011.
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