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Dexus Announces 2019 Half Year Results - Adding Value

Dexus today announced its result for the half year and reaffirmed its guidance for distribution per security growth of circa 5% for FY19.

Dexus Chief Executive Officer, Darren Steinberg said: “It has been a productive six-month period where we have added value through enhancing our development pipeline and attracting new investors to our funds management business. This has all been achieved while maintaining low balance sheet gearing.

“In our office portfolio we continue to outperform the MSCI office benchmark1 over one, three and five years through driving higher rents and lower incentives, particularly in Sydney which has been reflected in property valuations during the period.

“In our funds management business, we now have $15 billion under management with investors and partners that can invest alongside us through the cycle, reinforcing our objective of being the wholesale partner of choice in Australian property.”

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