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Centuria Announces Record Leasing Deals Secured as Metro Markets Firm Up

Recent leasing deals negotiated in metro office markets around Australia are evidence of a rising tide of positive sentiment and improving fundamentals - according to commercial property investment specialist Centuria Capital Limited (Centuria).

Commenting on Centuria’s most recent transactions, Jason Huljich, Centuria’s Head of Real Estate and Funds Management, pointed to strong rents and attractive lease terms, and gave details of deals struck in Perth, St Leonards and Wollongong as follows:

• 42-46 Colin Street, West Perth – 400 sqm for 5 years to Tungsten Mining at a rate of $415 net per sqm.

• 201 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, Sydney – 7,000 sqm over 5 floors for 5 years to CISCO at a rate of $620 net per sqm. This represents an extension of 5 years.

• 77 Market Street, Wollongong – 800 sqm for 5 years to Illawarra Newspapers at a rate of $470 net per sqm, and 2,200 sqm for 8 years to Illawarra Retirement for $470 net per sqm.

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