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Aus Tin Mining Announces Convertible Security Funding Repaid


- Extinguishment of liability for all amounts previously drawn under the Convertible Security Funding Agreement (CSFA) via a mixture of cash repayment and equity conversions.

- Remaining undrawn amount of $2.0M remains available if required

The Directors of Aus Tin Mining Limited (the Company) are pleased to announce that the Company has repaid the outstanding amount provided through the Convertible Security Funding Agreement (CSFA) as provided by The Australian Special Opportunity Fund L.P, a fund managed by The Lind Partners (together Lind). Last week the Company exercised its right to buy-back the outstanding Face Value of the outstanding Convertible Securities in cash. Upon receipt of the buy-back notice, Lind exercised its right to convert up to 25 percent of the Face Value into shares, equating to approximately 34.96 million shares at an average $0.0129 per share, as calculated under the CSFA.

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